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  1. "Where I go, I am there."
    Oduor Nyagweno

  2. s/t
    Dr. Pete Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band

  3. Misiginebig
    Dr. Pete Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band

  4. Lockdown Tapes #5: Mike List
    Mike List

  5. Lockdown Tapes #8: Wheel of Misfortune
    Wheel of Misfortune

  6. Lockdown Tapes #7: Static Static
    Static Static

  7. Color is not a crime - a benefit compilation

  8. Lockdown Tapes #6: Jim Cherewick
    Jim Cherewick

  9. Heart of the Ghost II
    Heart of the Ghost

  10. Live in Detroit
    Heart of the Ghost

  11. Lockdown Tapes #4: Benni "Inguma"

  12. Lockdown Tapez #3: Jerry Gordon
    Jerry Gordon

  13. Lockdown Tapes #2: "This Mouthdrum is my Dragon"
    Arrington de Dionsyo

  14. Lockdown Tapes #1
    Idle Ray

  15. Of Water, Land, & Sky

  16. Muhogo wa Jang'ombe/Obongo Bless Me: New African Soundz Singles No.2

  17. Nairobi Music
    Dave Sharp Worlds with NDIO SASA

  18. Meqsekenaepik
    Dr. Pete Larson with Asumaya

  19. Grandmaster Masese: New African Soundz Singles No.1
    Grandmaster Masese

  20. Score
    Disaster Passport

  21. Slithis Survival Kit
    Slithis Survival Kit

  22. Omieri
    Dr. Pete Larson and the Seething Snakes

  23. Snakes and Nyatitis
    Dr. Pete Larson

  24. Oduor Nyagweno and the Nyatiti Attack "s/t"

  25. Live at the Backyard, Nairobi, Kenya
    Dave Sharp and NDIO SASA

  26. Nyatiti Singles Volume 1

  27. Kambanane Jamz
    Pete Larson

  28. Jet Back (Live in Osaka)

  29. Yes.. now

  30. Sick Trees
    Sick Trees

  31. BUIBUI

  32. 4 Songs on Litungu
    Godfrey Munialo

  33. Enduro
    Temple of Bon Matin

  34. Bullet into Mesmer's Brain
    Temple of Bon Matin

  35. Cabin in the Sky
    Temple of Bon Matin

  36. Infidel
    Temple of Bon Matin

  37. Asset Without Liability

  38. Take Your Skin Off
    Mind Flayer

  39. Lord of the Rings Modulator
    Force Field

  40. Chipping Talc off Priscilla's Calm Demeanor
    Terrifying Sickos

  41. ¡Battalia Feminil!

  42. Bulb Singles #1

  43. Bulb Singles #2

  44. Black Elf Speaks
    Elvish Presley

  45. I want to danse
    Danse Asshole

  46. Reborn

  47. Six Pack Songs Vol. 2
    Pete Larson

  48. Six Pack Songs Vol. 1
    Pete Larson

  49. "I Want it Loud"
    25 Suaves

  50. 1938
    25 Suaves


Dagoretti Records Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Dagoretti" is the confluence of three large pathways in Nairobi connecting all of Kenya together. It is also the Swahilified pronounciation of "The great." We like to think that we put out great records that connect distant places together.

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